When all else fails.. theres family…. The punch line of this new series on Star World triggered yet another bout of discussion in my circle. Havent we lost touch with our primordial loyalties? Leading a very fast paced life and competing with peers at break neck speed to achieve our targets, have we somewhere lost touch with our roots.

Working in the corporate in posh metros, being single, charming, independent and earning our own living has its own experience and positives. We are all in the rat race. Working, shopping, enjoying, pubbing etc . Actually, leading a very hedonistic lifestyle.

But what has it done to our basic familial and affinal ties? Are we bothered that our future generation is never going to get to understand the importance of family and relatives. Our children will never have any one to turn to for advice and friendship and help if we as parents don’t get to have a very good group of family friends in the same city.

As single ambitious narcissistic individuals of Gen Y, we want it our way. We want to achieve our goals and not have anything to tie us down. Many in our previous generations were like pigs in a hen. They were a blur. Especially as women who did not have a say in their own life.  If women took two steps forward then they were forced to take three steps backward due to family and social pressures. Not to mention the crushing combination of poverty and gender bias coming their way as well. So with the emerging opportunities and time the young generation broke away. And the cog that turned the wheel of our society was allowed to rust away.

But this cog in the wheel has been such an integral part of the entire being that trying to remove it would kill the being itself. Hence its need is felt in every aspect of our lives. Family still plays the important role in nurturing and inculcating human, moral and ethical values in us.

But the moot point is- when all else fails is family really there now? And what about the extended family including our huge circle of uncles, aunts , cousins, second cousins and so on? The truth is that family now refers only to our immediate nuclear group. The rest don’t really matter anymore to us. They have become a blur. At the most there is extreme competition between cousins. Rarely do families end up in the ancestral village anymore.

We do need to go back to our fundamental ties and experience the beauty of our culture which ultimately resides in our families. What is life if we don’t get to live and feel the beauty of relationships, achieve gratification and success in our different relationships?  


The beginnings of reflection…

To achieve anything in life we need to be ruthless. To find oneself and to strive to achieve fulfillment as yourself is an achievement in itself. Few of us are born with the proverbial silver spoon, and so those of us who have good parents, wealth and good luck are the fortunate ones.

Any performance needs a lot of effort, energy and soul. Its indeed heartbreaking. You practice for days on end; you give it your blood and make it a part of yourself and after the act has been delivered, just like that its gone from you.  It makes you feel you have lost a part of yourself.

Having had conversations with people around has made me find more meaning in things. It  has provided me that rite of passage in my mind which I didn’t allow myself in the past. So yes,I am a convert.

I have finally gotten around to what people always told- one needs to open up and smell the coffee. “What do flies die of? A swat, most likely. And they don’t have names” Someone great came up with this gem. And I truly believe it especially the part about not having names. What is it about names that makes us tick?

So heres to more questions and revelations about ourselves through our conversations…