Hitting the wall

I am totally immobilized and fatigued. We are all in the great rat race of the 21st century. All that matters is how successful you have been, whether you have bought your first house by your late 20s and whether you have travelled abroad before all of the above. Life today is all about instant communication, instant success and love. We forget to analyze our needs and in the process concentrate only on the wants.

The suicide case of actress Jiah Khan broke me out of my slumber. At a loss for want of a suitable goal in life, I am intrigued that so many young people around have ended their lives because one aspect of their lives had not turned out as expected. And what is sad is when we see our children do exactly as we have taught them in life and still lose out. And its extremely disheartening to realize that we have entirely failed them. And the after all we are humans adage doesn’t provide respite when there is loss of life.

The most important takeaway from the recent cases of youth suicides seems to be that what we teach our children and what we follow is not at par with the speed with which things are changing.We teach our girls to be dependent on us, to be obedient, soft and trusting. Little do we realize then that sometimes the time honored qualities expected in women may not always serve them the best.

Sometimes the absurdity of it all hits me. How had they made the journey from submission to society to completely breaking off from everything and ending their lives? Perhaps culture lag in its worst possible form had a role to play here. We have advanced so much in terms of external development that sometimes it feels the sand in the hour glass of our lives has all escaped whereas we are emotionally still stuck. The question of social maturity/change keeping up with the changes in technology looms large. Especially when we hear cases about celebrity suicides. Smart, young and educated. But finally all it boiled down to was being cherished and loved or being secure and successful and famous. Or rather, just being ordinary.

Instant love, instant fame and instant success are not the same and don’t come by as easily as instant net connection. Getting into a relationship is a rite of passage that results into a slew of other non-reversible ones.  The same is the case with success and fame which are related to a slew of other things. So instead of becoming irrational and making mistakes in a moment of weakness the youth need to get their goals set right. Societally also the neglect that has set in is getting to the youth and we should not be careless enough to ignore the signs of the times.


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