Internal affairs

Events that happened last week brought back old memories from my previous organization and also the precious employee grievance chapters learnt in HR.

My best friend had quit her highly coveted new job. A role that she had been following up on for four years and had finally landed.  But then all roles don’t turn out to be what they appear to be. And a role is not just that- its an amalgamation of the team, its vision and the general environment.  Her exposure had made her realize that we work for people and particular set ups more than for brands.  And it was precisely the reason that had made her quit her new job.  So when we pursue career options is it just on the basis of what we learn about the role on paper or do we do a thorough research about the team, the manager, the manager’s vision about the company and his team and also our growth vis-à-vis the organization?

These were moot points that were coming up in my mind. How often have we ignored our goals and aspirations? And obviously we also don’t attribute much importance to the love/belonging strata in the motivation theory of Maslow. And sometimes we simply don’t belong. Whatever that means. Sometimes both aspirations and acceptance are what we are looking for.

We so easily cross the divide between passion and duty as children. The ideas and rules set by parents for their children determine and guide their feelings and desires. Sometimes they don’t realize their passion and their true calling until a much later age. It is very comfortable and most times obligatory for  kids  to strive to achieve their parents’ dreams and never feel their own passion. Children are duty bound and cater to the most basic human need—belonging & acceptance. Differences and rebelliousness are not appreciated until one is old enough to realize or find himself. Until we stop bickering about the rat race and slowly start giving ourselves the chance we shall never achieve fulfillment. The paralysis set in by the rules needs to be corrected otherwise we shall all emerge as retarded.

Let us strive to live life to its fullest , mind and soul. Living life is about self-gratification, success and enjoying every moment. My friend eventually found a very fulfilling role in a startup where she is able to realize not only her potential but is also able to connect her passion to her work.

Coming back to motivation and purpose again, its something that shifts base with age and maturity. So being the belonging strata now and later on can be the self-actualization need.  Even though we may have achieved” metamotivation”- the motivation of people who go beyond the basic physiological need; and esteem had featured in our ambition/need, belonging can take dominance anytime.

We generally don’t accept differences and diversity of our “others” in our lives- it may be in our family or at our workplace. Being “fat”, “intellectual”, “silent” or may be from a different region  can be a detriment to first the acceptance and the resultant growth of that person in an organization. Regional bias can be an entire reason for growth or failure.But then this world has inherently been an unfair place and we need to constantly strive to better ourselves. The flip side is that this unfairness in some ways helps us achieve the maximum of our abilitiesJ.