In defense of defiance

Monotony, tedium and mundaneness are all terms that affect us very often. Sometimes the mundaneness of things makes us feel dry within; as if a slice of life has died and we don’t know what to do next. It is sometimes this tedium of things that we sometimes cherish after they are over.

Sometimes the only redeeming features in life are also those that are so routinized that we tend to ignore them.  We watch movies where life seems so interesting, romantic, on the move and we would like to see ourselves in such lives. Lead the same characters and wear the same clothes and have the same relationships….

And in all of this we allow life to become similar to that of a prisoner where we are constantly in an inquisition. We fail to see beyond the set rule, let alone breed defiance. And this defiance and disobedience most times brings out the most creative in us. The purpose here is not to belittle any particular aspect of life or any particular person. But to come up with ways and methods to overcome them and get on with life.

Have you ever imagined that the Monday blues that we feel are in response to the fear we have of tedium? Some practical ways of handling not just Monday blues but work day hues  could be the following:

  • Feeling dull and you should dress up in bright colors
  • An empty feeling and a deep color would provide the needed depth
  • You feel you are dealing with an invalid work environment- a very common phenomenon where there are team parity issues and you should just keep your cool always- no recommended colors L
  • If you feel that you are in an emotional jungle then please stick to blues and greys. They bring out the professional in you!
  • Capitalize on, make real and make the best of whatever work that is offered to you. Always ask for more or the kind of work that you want
  • If you feel you lack faith in your capacities- wear red. It brings out the fighter and negotiator…
  • If you are in a happy state and in no mood to work- please wear pink. It shows that you are innocent and happy.

We should also try and remember that there is no black and white world and that there is no complete honesty or integrity in the corporate world. There are many shades of grey and must be seen as it is. Requirements change and we must keep up or risk getting lost or relegated to the background as the ones who didn’t quite catch up and succeed.

A few more observations on the basis of my constant effort to understand leadership styles, people and work teams is that truth is a very strong medicine. It should only be administered very sparingly and caution and restraint should be exercised by any leader while giving feedback. I have been told umpteen times that being “on the face” doesn’t help and is not appreciated.  At the same time we should not let anyone smother our creativity and our singular thinking to make the environment dull and sterile.

The key to a satisfying, successful and enriching professional experience to a large extent lies in our approach to most things. Success is to be defined singularly and is to be experienced as per our definition. Career path has to be chosen carefully by each one of us and patiently followed without giving it up when organizational changes happen.

Finally, coming back to defiance; a pinch of it should be mixed up in everything that we do and say so that we can make our mark and be remembered for our singular style. A little bit of defiance can always be passed off as creativity J